Saturday, January 9, 2010

Question Form Listener

Hello, sorry it is taken a while to get this started, just been busy.
I was recently on an Internet talk show on called The Portal (1/4/10). You can listen to their past shows from the site

We discussed several stones, mostly those used for the Chakras.
After the show I received an email from a listener who would like to know the best stones for education and career. This is my reply:

Hello, I am Rev. Tina. On the show Chris introduced me as Tina Green. I have a web site:

You asked about the stones for education and career. I would need a more specific Question to be more accurate, but here we go.

Education: Stones from the Beryl family, specifically green beryl (Emerald), which helps us increase our wisdom and intellectual abilities and golden beryl helps us learn and communicate.

Career: I would go with Aventurine, not only does it brings you money, it also helps with a smooth career change. You might also add Amethyst, it helps you balance you life.

I hope this helps. If you need more help we sell a rock book that I wrote, with 150 pages of rock pictures and their metaphysical properties, and we have a couple of very informative self-help charts on stones that we publish as well.

Thank for the question and listening to the show,
Rev. C. Green

If you have questions about what rocks you should have, or what to do with them after you get them, just ask. You can email me or leave your question or comment in the comment section below.

Until next time:
Keep Rockin’,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting started with rocks!

Welcome to our rock blog!

Here we will attempt to give you information about semi-precious stones. Their metaphysical properties and more. We will even add pictures.

All living things have a vibration, or a rate of vibration that make us living. Rocks are living and they do continue to grow. Their rate of growth is so slow that it can not be scene by the human eye. It's that vibration that gives us the metaphysical property or healing vibration.

Each rock is different, just like each person. When you carry a stone with you that vibration mixes with yours and creates a kind of healing energy. You choose the stone based on what you need in your life.

I will start with the first stone next week. If you have a favorite stone and would like it covered here, leave your request,or questions in the comment section below.

Until then, check out our web site, we carry several self-help charts and a rock book that I personally wrote, about 10 years ago, that has been recently updated and added to.

Until next week,
Keep Rockin'